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Powder coating is the latest addition to our service here at HBR in Dumbarton. Everyone wants the finish on their car and its components to both look good and be durable!  There are many finishing options but a relatively new one that is increasingly popular is powder coating.   Colours stay vibrant for many years with smoother texture compared to the conventional liquid paints mixture

The powder used for the coating process is a mixture of finely ground particles of resin and pigment which is sprayed onto the car component you choose to have covered.

There are many advantages that set the powder method of painting head and shoulders above traditional liquid painting. First and foremost it is a very durable finish, especially compared to liquid based paints. Not only is it resistant to chipping, it can also flex to a greater degree without cracking. Secondly, it offers a tough uniform finish that eliminates sags or runs. It also produces less hazardous waste compared to liquid paints.

Other advantages of powder coating are: -

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