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MOT Dumbarton

As part of the MOT test in Dumbarton, our qualified staff will check the exhaust for signs of wear and tear, emissions will be checked at the same time. The fuel system will be checked for safety too.

The condition of mirrors falls under the remit of an MOT and lights, washers and wipers; also the condition of the windscreen, steering and suspension will be checked during the MOT test.

Seat belts will be carefully inspected during the MOT, door operation, seat movement and seat belts will be checked too. Visual checks and tests are completed on the braking system of the car and the condition of the wheels and tyres will be examined.

What happens if my car fails its MOT test at  the Dumbarton Test Centre?

When a vehicle fails MOT testing at  our Dumbarton Test Centre you will be issued a ‘notice of refusal’ of an MOT pass certificate.

A full list of vehicle defects is provided so that you understand the level of work that is required for the car to pass the MOT. If you choose to have the repair work completed at MOT Dumbarton we will do a free re-test.

Once repairs are undertaken your car is retested on the elements where it failed, and a new MOT certificate will then be issued to you.

It’s a straightforward process and HBR Dumbarton’s MOT staff will give you the best possible advice and service needed to get your car through the MOT test.

One of the advantages of having your car MOT’d at our premises is that we have a wide range of repair facilities and can repair most minor faults for you immediately

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MOT in Dumbarton.

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MOT Dumbarton

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